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We Are Committed To Creating A Community That Empower Black & African Diaspora Women.

Every woman has the power to transform her world. When women work together, we have the power to create a better world for all of us. Our programs create a space for every woman's voice, role, and contribution to be visible and valued. 

Our Programs

Community Building

AJW is committed to building a community focused on connecting and empowering the African diaspora and black women. 


Our goals are pretty simple:

  • Hold a fun networking event

  • Talk about critical issues in our industry and lives.

  • Provide opportunities for learning and leadership

  • Open the door for successful women in growth to engage in mentoring others

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Wellness Tribe

AWJ is a space of love and encouragement for Black and African diaspora women. AJW Wellness initiative was created to uplift and help Black and African diaspora women own the power we possess. AWJ is creating a brave space where we can gather and connect with other women through shared dialogue, yoga, + meditation; Wellness is necessary to protect our state of mind, body, and spirit. We need to replenish ourselves daily with affirmations and acts of self-love.

Unplug Retreat

Focusing on yourself, achieving personal growth by stepping out of your comfort zone, and being part of a supportive community is at the core of all things AWJ. Join us in Zimbabwe for our annual Unplugged Women's Retreat. The Retreat includes personal growth, outdoor adventure, travel, philanthropy, and community—more information to follow. 

Traveling with Headphones
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Book Club &
Online Events

As a book club member, you'll join us in exploring a monthly book selection that celebrates women's power, courage, and resilience. You'll discover shared experiences of womanhood from all walks of life, all while becoming an even stronger advocate and ally for women.

Leadership &
Self Development

Do you need a coach to take that next step toward reaching your goals? Learn more about Lula Abera Coaching & Consulting.


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