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African Women Journey is a platform that unites Black & African Diaspora Women to share their stories, talents, energy, resources, and skills, with their peers in the United States and in Africa in order to grow together through shared experiences. What makes African Women Journey different is our deep commitment to leveraging the talents, expertise, diversity of our community throughout our platform by amplifying stories, building a community, working together, and sharing resources to bridge the gap and strengthen the connection between Africa and the Diaspora.


 African Women Journey launched in 2020. 

What We Do

We Use Our Voice To

Drive Change

We leverage our platform and privilege to speak truth to power and support gender justice causes in Africa. We publish regular newsletters, podcast interviews, stories, reports, and relevant news.

How We Began


Meet Our Found

Lula Abera is a social impact dynamo who seeks to help build individuals' self-awareness and confidence for successful collaborative contribution. 


As someone who immigrated to the U.S. at a young age from Ethiopia, she recognized that it could be hard to ascertain your unique voice in a sea of stories. Still, through creating a community and series of professional Endeavors, she has found her unique skill of empathetic communication as an active and solution-oriented listener; advocate is the key element that will help others become more sure of themselves and create the life that they want.


Through her work, Defersha helps uncover and amplify people's inner stories within organizations and in their own lives to help them unlock new successes both collaboratively and developmentally.


Ultimately, her goal is to showcase those who have achieved success through her digital platform, African Women Journey, while connecting young professionals to resources for their growth and education and engaging individuals to know their story and clarify their contribution to bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Why We Serve


The mission of the AWJ  is to contribute to a vibrant future of Black & African Diaspora Women by connecting, supporting, developing, and amplifying the stories of leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents.

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When African diaspora women are supported, seen and heard for their own excellence and process, they are able to contribute more fully to their communities and society at large.

Our Goals

Our goal is to connect, empower and amplify the role and contributions of African diaspora women. We ultimately want to  unite and mobilize Black & African Diaspora Women to their female peers in the continent while celebrating our rich diversity and excellence

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